Effects of physiotherapy after stroke

With the help of physiotherapy rehabilitation, marked improvement is seen among the stroke patients in the manner of their movements, coordination, balance control and muscle strength etc. Motor relearning program is initiated among the patients, which helps them to relearn how to use the limbs and perform functional tasks of everyday such as eating, dressing, cooking and walking etc. Physiotherapy teaches the patients how to gain back the lost strength in your limbs and muscles.

Effects of early beginning of physiotherapy

From 24 hours onwards the patients are mostly asked and encouraged to get up as per according to their comfort. Depending on the effects of stroke a patient can try such as sitting in the bed or chair, standing or walking. Short periods of physiotherapy sessions that reoccur frequently are recommended.  The repetition in the small tasks helps the patients to recover the lost strength and relearn the activities of daily living. Once the goal of getting up and being able to walk a little has been achieved it is time to progress to therapeutic activities.

Improvement in sitting posture

With the help of exercises like reaching beyond arm’s length with sitting under the supervision of a physiotherapist helps the patients to achieve sitting after stroke.

Improvement in standing  

With the help of walking training, ankle foot orthosis, performing functional tasks while standing will help to improve the patient’s standing.

Improvement in gait

With the help of circuit class training, virtual reality training, treadmill training and task specific training etc the patient is able to stand again on their feet and there is seen marked improvement in the mobility of stroke patients.

Focusing on special skills:

Once the physiotherapist is satisfied with walking of a patient he then begins the tasks that help the patient to relearn and improve the skills that would help in daily life. The focus will be placed on those activities that the patient is facing difficulty in. for example if patient is having trouble keeping the arm lifted he will be encouraged to perform such activities that will help the patient lift the arm. This will help the patient to become slightly independent when it comes to performing his or her personal tasks

Improvement in strength and balance:

After stroke one of the biggest challenges in a life of stroke patient is that he faces difficulty in maintaining balance and lack of strength in limbs but with the help of balance training and strength training most of the patients  are able to not only regain their balance but also their stamina is built up. With the help of stretching exercises there is reduction in the stiffness in joints and muscles.

Physiotherapy at home

After discharge from hospital physiotherapy treatment continues as per the need of a patient. The patients can acquire the physiotherapy treatment at home or can visit the doctor as per required. Along with that some exercises are prescribed which the patient has to continue at home and these exercises help to strengthen the muscles. The patients are assessed after 6 months in order to monitor the progress and improvement. In case of any other problem the physiotherapist changes the exercise plan.

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